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Aviation Headsets for Pilots

When you are considering buying headphones to be used on the aircraft, the very first idea that frequently comes to mind is relaxation nevertheless, that is not the most significant factor when purchasing a headset. 

Modern piston-powered aircraft produce high sound levels, usually in the assortment of 90-95db, and present a major challenge to provide both clear communication and sufficient hearing protection. If you want to know about the best and affordable gift ideas for pilots then make an online search.

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Noise Reduction Methods:

Connected to noise reduction, the two popular procedures for noise reduction today are Passive sound reduction (PNR) and Active sound Reduction (ANR). Passive Noise Reduction relies on clamping the earphone over-the-ear snugly that can be accomplished with large earmuffs and strong clamping pressures.

Active sound Reduction employs technology that permits the manipulation of sound and signal waves to decrease noise, improve signal-to-noise ratios, and also enhance sound quality.

The electronic coupling of a low-frequency noise wave with its specific mirror image cancels the sounds. Active noise reduction really merely provides effective protection against low-frequency sound.

Ultimately the decision is yours, whether to reduce noise through the ears as thoroughly and tightly as possible or to be based upon the introduction of more sound frequencies to cancel-out outside noise.

I would suggest that until you invest lots of money into ANR technology you give it a try first – you may probably discover that PNR technology, uneasy as it might be at first, works best in the modern piston-powered aircraft.