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How To Install Slax With Etcher Portable

Slax is an operating system based on Debian created to be run directly from RAM. This Debian-based Linux operating system that comes from a 'stable manager' is definitely for users who love slacking off, with its very minimalistic set-up, that provides few selections of applications, Chromium browser included. Using Fluxbox manager, it comes with text editor Leafpad and calculator Calculate, VLC Media Player. It features KDE desktop interface and long collection of default softwares for your daily hustle, it boots on a variety of file systems, e.g., EXTs, FAT, NTFS, and BTRFS. Slax also runs directly from removable storage without a need to install, may it be a portable USB stick or flash drive, like other Linux OS from the lightweight or featherweight division, you can simply carry it to anywhere upon your disposal. If you like Slax you can install Slax using software like Etcher. It is an open-source software project that is free to use and you can download it completely free of charge from the following link. If you are using Windows, you can use the Windows version of Etcher. 

Etcher Portable

Its newest 9.11.0 edition, no longer using the KDE desktop interface, as intended by Slax's Czech Republic community to provide a new layout design after their hiatus. And if you wanna try, you can check it out in this website it comes with a price tag per purchase versions; Mini DVD at $19.95, Mobility Kit at $29.95, and Secure Traveler for $99.95. It may not come free but it is worth the cash since all its revenues will be for the effort of more development and innovation for Slax. Now, you can resume your slacking. There are many more to come, as the Linux community has made it their mission to strive for the best Linux Operating System for every unique computing needs.